5 Best Field Hockey Sticks For Defenders (…and 2 to Avoid)

My top pick is The Adidas Kromaskin Fabela. This stick allows for control of the ball and has a solid feel to it.

Defenders need a stick that helps them control the ball, have power so the ball can reach the midfielder or forward, and is a little bit heavier. Keeping that in mind, here are my picks for best sticks for defenders.

But if you want to read my full breakdown as well as see some other options that might be a better fit for your specific needs, then keep reading…

Top Pick

1. Adidas Kromaskin Fabela .1

Great for defenders, the Kromaskin Fabela .1 is one of the stiffest and most powerful sticks out there.

The Adidas Kromaskin series has various sticks, but the best one is under the Fabela line and is the Fabela Kromaskin .1.

These sticks are great for defenders and those who want to control the ball and the game. It is one of the stiffest and most powerful sticks out there.

It is important for a defender to have a powerful stick as you may need to hit the ball hard enough to pass it to a midfielder, or even to an offensive player.

The head shape allows for pure control, which is highly important for a player as you need to control the ball. The Fabela .1 is made of carbon and has a low to mid bow.

Budget Pick

2. STX APEX 901

A competitive stick that is great for receiving the ball and for great reverse ball control.

STX makes some of the best field hockey sticks around. That is why you see them listed on several articles to buy. The Apex 901 is listed here under the budget option.

It is built for someone who is competitive. It has a standard bow shape and is made 90 percent out of carbon and 10 percent out of Aramid.

The Apex 901 has a maxi toe shape, which makes it great for receiving the ball and for great reverse ball control.

Ball control is important in the game, especially for defenders who may be playing close to their own goal.

It has a lower balance point which gives it a toe-heavy feel. There is power in this stick and in the head.

Beginners Pick

3. Grays GX1000

A lightweight and durable stick that allows for easier control and is easy to learn on.

This stick is ideal for those who are beginners or looking to move to defense. It is made up of 66% Fiberglass, 17% Carbon and 17% Aramid. It is lightweight and durable, has a standard bow shape and a maxi toe.

It is easy to learn stick skills, such as passing and dribbling, on this stick. It also allows for easier control, which is great for someone just starting out.

Stick skills and control are important because if you cannot control the ball then you will not be able to maintain possession of the ball.

Stick skills are important because they are used throughout the entire game.

Advance Players Pick

4. STX XPR 901

A powerful stick that has great control and stability to elevate your game.

It’s heavy toe and standard bow shape should attract defenders. It is made of 90% Carbon and has vibration reducing technology which helps control sting.

The XPR 901 has a textured toe which offers more grip and control of the ball. The heavy toe gives this stick more power, control and stability. Theses are things players are looking for on hits and tackles.

Indoor Pick

5. Adidas Estro Hybraskin 1

Made with Hybraskin technology, this stick is great for control and feel.

The indoor stick best for a defensive minded player is the Adidas Estro Hybraskin 1. This stick is a great for those who play defense or play a defensive midfield game.

It has the classic mid bow which is good for the all around player. It is made with Hybraskin technology. Hybraskin technology forms a woven carbon outer layer.

This stick has a soft touch with power and with no loss of control. It is made with light, strong and stable material which gives a player the ultimate control and feel.

This stick is my pick because of it’s composite, feel and power. The fact that this stick is great for the all around player is another reason why I recommend it.

Sticks to Avoid

STX RX 101 Composite Field Hockey Stick

The STX RX 101 is a great stick for a forward, not a defender. This stick is 90 % fiberglass and 10 % carbon. It has a low bow of 250 mm and a thin toe.

This combination allows for the maximization of 3D skills and is extremely versatile. It has a light feel which allows for speed when dribbling or running down the field.

Osaka Pro Tour 40 Pro Bow Field Hockey Stick

This is another really good stick for a forward, but not a defender. It is made up of 40% Carbon, 55% Fiberglass, 3% Kevlar, 2% Aramid and has a low bow shape. The Design is focused on 3D ball control, flicking and shooting.

A defenders main focuses isn’t 3D skills or shooting, which is why I don’t recommend this stick for a defender. Again, it’s a great stick for forward.

Factors when looking into a defense stick

Defenders need different things in their sticks than a forward would. In order to find the best stick for you, here are some things you should look for.

Length – Defenders prefer longer sticks because this allows them more stick. Having a longer stick can allow you to reach the ball if it is just out of reach. 

Weight – A stick with a little extra weight is usually preferred and recommended to defenders. This is because it allows your stick to have a little more power which is needed when trying to pass the ball all the way up the field.

Power – It is important that a defender is powerful and so is their stick. They need to be able to get the ball out of the defensive zone and pass it up to their forwards or midfielders. 

Strength and Material – Defenders want sticks that are strong. This allows them to have an advantage when trying to tackle the opposing team’s forward or midfielder. The defender wants to be strong and be able to stop them from scoring. Most defenders prefer to have a stick made from fiber glass or Kevlar, as it provides the most strength. 

Toe – The Maxi toe shape is best for defenders, as it has a larger area which makes it good for trapping and for hitting. 

What size stick does a defender need

Sometimes, a defender will look for a longer stick in order to have some extra length in order to get the ball. If a stick is too long though, you won’t be able to handle the stick as well. So do not let stick length be a major decision in your stick choice. Here is a size guide to help you decide what size stick is best for you.

HeightStick Size
3’5” and under24”
3’6” to 3’8”26”
3’8” to 4”28”
4’1” to 4’3”30”
4’4” to 4’6”32”
4’7” to 5’0”34″
5’1” to 5’3” 35”35.5”
5’4” to 5’8”36”-36.5”
5’9” to 5’11”37”-37.5”
6” and up38”