6 Best Field Hockey Sticks for Midfield… (and 2 to Avoid)

A midfielder does it all on the field. You need a stick that allows you to do everything on the field. My top pick is the TK 2.1 Control Bow.

But if you want to read my full breakdown as well as see some other options that might be a better fit for your specific needs, then keep reading…

Top Pick

1. TK 2.1 Control Bow

The perfect stick for a midfielder or an all around player. It offers high power output with ultra lightweight.

This stick is perfect for a midfielder or any all around player. It is not for a beginner, it is for a more advanced player. It is a perfect balance between performance and design.

This stick is great for those who like power over feel, as it is a powerful stick. It offers high power output with ultra lightweight. It is made of 90% Carbon and 10% Kevlar. It has a low bow shape.

Runner Up

2. Grays GR6000

A stick with great power, feel and playability for an all around player.

The GR6000 is another stick that is not for a beginner. It has great power, feel and playability for an all around player.

It is made with additional Carbon and Aramid reinforcement sections, and Graphene has been added to GX composition for extra power and durability.

It has a medium bow and an energy reduction handle. It’s micro head is great for 3D skill execution and has a slim mid-section for stick handling.

Second Runner Up

3. Mazon Black Magic V5

A great all around stick that is powerful and allows you to control the ball.

The Mazon V5 is a great all around stick. It makes a great option for a midfielder as it is good all around.

It has a maxi head shape, has a 24mm bow and is made up of 95 % Carbon with Kevlar core inserts for improved touch. It also has Reduction Vibration System.

It is an average to good stick for aerials and drag flicks. The dribbling with this stick is pretty good. The Mazon V5 has amazing hitting power. If you want a powerful stick I recommend this one.

If you are looking for a stick that is more budget friendly but still a top pick keep reading…

Budget Pick

4. Grays GX2000 Dynabow

A well balanced stick that has great control and power. It is great for core skills and developing 3D skills.

Grays is a reputable brand that puts out great products. The GX2000 Dynabow is a great stick. This stick is not for a beginner, someone with experience would do well with this stick.

It has a high fiberglass content which is great for power and improved durability and 30 % Carbon which allows for better touch and ball control as well as some power. This stick is well balanced of control and power.

It has a Dynabow bow shape and a thin midsection. It is great for core skills and developing 3D skills. This is a great stick for the budget option and is a good overall stick for a midfielder.

If you are just starting out and need a stick for a beginner keep reading…

Beginner Option

5. Adidas Estro 8

A great stick for beginners as it’s flexible shaft allows for more forgiveness and focuses on soft touch and feel.

The Estro 8 is a great stick for a beginner. It’s flexible shaft allows for more forgiveness and focuses on soft touch and feel. This allows for a better feel when learning to master skills.

It has a mid low bow and a pure control head. The mid bow shape allows helps with accurate and powerful passing. The pure control head has impeccable control and a centralized sweet spot.

This stick is good for learning 3D skills on. Its distinctive trapezoidal design, featuring a flat back, not only decreases the stick’s total weight and enhances its rigidity but also facilitates better maneuverability under the ball, especially during advanced aerial moves.

If you are going to be playing indoors, keep reading for the indoor stick pick…

Indoor Pick

6. Grays GTi6000 Jumbow

A stick with high end performance and made with 60% Carbon. Made for indoor play.

Another option for midfielder is the Grays GTi6000 Jumbow.

This stick is intended for indoor use and not outdoors. The Grays GTi6000 Jumbow is a solid all around stick for a midfielder.

It is made with 60% Carbon and offers high end performance. This stick has incredible control and agility, two things a midfielder should look for in a stick.

Power, passing, shooting and drag flicking are some of the things this stick is good for. Control and power are a couple reasons why I like this stick.

Sticks To Avoid

OBO ROBO Straight

The OBO company produces goalie equipment, so avoiding any OBO goalie sticks would be a good decision. Some goalie sticks are curved and you can tell that it is specifically designed for goalies.

The Robo straight might look good and like any other stick, but that’s because it is a straight stick, it says it right in the name. It is a goalie stick so I wouldn’t recommend any field player getting it.


The RX50 is a decent stick for a beginner, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a midfielder or someone who has played the game before. It is made of 100% fiberglass, which gives it less power. Power can be important when sending the ball up the field to another player.

It has a slim handle which some players may not like, as they prefer a little bit more in the handle. Again, it’s lightweight feel is good for a beginner, but a midfielder should look at other sticks instead of this one.

Something To Remember

Midfield is an important position as you are doing everything on the field from offense to defense and anything else the team needs. You are stopping goals and scoring them. It is great to have a stick that allows you to do everything on the field.

You don’t need the best stick to score or the best stick to defend, but you need one that is great at everything. Of course there are different types of midfielders on a team.

Some are more defensive midfielders while others are more offensive minded midfielders. That doesn’t mean you won’t be doing everything on the field. It is good to know what type of midfielder you are.

More defensive midfielders can also look at best sticks for defenders when deciding what stick to get. And offensive midfielders can look at best sticks for forwards.

Make sure you do your research before buying a stick and make sure it is one that is good for both your position and your playing style.

Size Chart

HeightStick Size
3’5” and under24”
3’6” to 3’8”26”
3’8” to 4”28”
4’1” to 4’3”30”
4’4” to 4’6”32”
4’7” to 5’0”34″
5’1” to 5’3” 35”35.5”
5’4” to 5’8”36”-36.5”
5’9” to 5’11”37”-37.5”
6” and up38”